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Kathy Macchione Leggett, LMHC Kathy Maccione Leggett

What is necessary to change a person
is to change his awareness of himself.

~Abraham Maslow~  

Kathy Macchione Leggett, LMHC, co-owner of K&K Consulting, LLC, fully embraces the beliefs held in this powerful statement from American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, also known as the Father of Modern Management Psychology, who stressed the importance of focusing on the positive qualities in people.  Maslow believed that every person has a strong desire to realize his or her full potential and come to a state of ‘self-actualization.’ 

As a practicing licensed mental health therapist, Kathy discovered a common thread among her clients - that discovering the truth about one’s self brings empowerment.  Also, that this process of ‘self-discovery’ is a necessary component in achieving personal wholeness and balance in life.  Regardless of socio-economic status, everyone wanted to find their purpose in life and have the opportunity to tap into their hidden potential.

After years of practicing stressful forensic work which included hours of rigorous court testimony and litigious court battles, Kathy had her own ‘epiphany’ about how to better utilize her personal desire to serve the needs of others and the needs of the local business community.  In 2012, she and her longtime friend and colleague, Karen Cochran Lafferty, joined forces to form K&K Consulting, LLC, extending the process of self-actualization away from the therapist’s couch and into the corporate conference room. 

“A large percentage of our lives are spent on the job.  Everyone deserves to work in a career where they can be fully engaged and dedicated to their personal vocation or cause.  This not only increases the profitability and productivity of the company they work for, but it also provides a sense of personal satisfaction and well-being that carries over into their personal relationships as well.” 

In addition to providing employee business solutions, Kathy continues to work with a small client caseload in her clinical practice as well as provide services as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator for family, civil, and work place conflict. Kathy and her husband David, the parents of four boys and now empty nesters, enjoy time together in Winter Haven, Florida.

Karen Cochran Lafferty

Karen LaffertyGood is the enemy of great.
~Jim Collins~

Karen has learned this lesson at every stage in life.  When she became a widow at a young age with four kids still in the home to raise, she worked a couple of jobs, went back to finish her degree and starting finding her way in the business world.  Individuals and businesses can settle for good when greatness is right within their grasp.   Karen worked to overcome any and every obstacle in her path to work in her strengths and help others.

There were two keys elements for a successful individual and a successful business – a right fit is needed.  Bringing experience from state government and non-profit leadership, Karen is passionate about helping employers find optimum people for their business, as well as helping individuals find their sweet spot in the work place.   This is a win-win and everyone profits

Karen wants to help employers discover ways to attract, assess and keep the very best employees and to experience success in every hiring experience.  She has partnered with longtime friend, Kathy Macchione Leggett to bring her psychological expertise alongside her business experience to form K&K Consulting.

Karen lives in Lakeland, Florida.

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